Artist-In-Residence Summer/Fall 2019: Michael Lazarus

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Michael Lazarus was our artist-in-residence during the Summer/Fall of 2019. He worked with several PALS artists to create collaborative pieces. One piece is currently a work-in-progress that will extend out over a longer period of time.

Michael Lazarus’ mixed media panels made of paint, wood, glass, adhesive lettering, and, in some cases, plastic reflectors and other found materials, share a vocabulary of pared down imagery, color, and response to materials culled from the artist's everyday surroundings. Modest in size, Lazarus envisions these panels in relationship to the body, where paint and found materials cohabitate and lean into each other. Each work presents itself as a possible painting, sculpture, portrait, mirror, sign, grave marker. READ MORE ABOUT MICHAEL ON HIS WEBSITE: