NW Noggin on May 28th

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NW Noggin is bringing brains, brain slices, 3D printed brains, and an assortment of brain cells in pipe cleaners to the Portland Art & Learning Studio on May 28th, 2019. Come join us to learn from artists and talk about brains, and neurons – and draw them!!! 

The event is taking place from 10:30am - 12:30pm. 

If you would like to join us, please email: daniel.rolnik@albertinakerr.org



Northwest Noggin (Northwest Neuroscience Outreach Group: Growing in Networks, www.nwnoggin.org) is a robust, creative, and largely volunteer driven non-profit organization (EIN: 81-3885713) that brings scientists and artists and students of all ages together to share their expertise, enthuse young people about science and art, share area educational resources, and inform and excite the public about ongoing, taxpayer supported neuroscience research…

In the summer of 2012, graduate and undergraduate students taught by neuroscientist Bill Griesar at several universities got together and developed a popular four week class on the brain and behavior for about 20 middle schoolers at Sabin K-8, a Portland public school. Northwest artist Jeff Leake developed new #sciart projects to help convey concepts in neuroscience, engage more communities, and extend our outreach efforts further…

Since that summer in 2012, we’ve [NW Noggin] worked with over 30,000 academic priority students in Portland, Vancouver, eastern, coastal and southern Oregon, eastern Washington, San Diego and DC public schools! We’ve offered free talks from students in neuroscience and art at local bike shop pubs and other venues, and have informed thousands of community members about research, training graduates to present their work to a lay audience.

Our graduate and undergraduate art and neuroscience volunteers are developing experts in science communication, teaching in academic priority K-12 schools, theaters, museums, youth correctional facilities, symphonies, hospitals, homeless youth centers, breweries, coffee shops, Native American summer camps, Congress and bike shop pubs!

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