PALS in Nashville, TN

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PALS artist, Bion Mason, has an original painting in "The Clown Show" at Elephant Gallery in Nashville, TN. The exhibit had a great review in HYPERALLERGIC, which you can read here:

At Nashville, Tennessee’s Elephant Gallery, The Clown Show is bringing visitors the silliness we so desperately need in these dark times. The exhibition features representations of fun clowns on a lamp by artist Alexandria Olivia Hall, a clay miniature of a cake by Rachel Growden, and other clown-related items. The Clown Show is the first-ever open call for Elephant Gallery. Artist Alex Lockwood formally opened the gallery last year, and it has since hosted 12 exhibitions. The show is split into themed areas: a creepy area, a textile area, a ceramics area, and a pastel area — comprising a dizzying maze of clown-themed rooms...Above all, the clown embodies Elephant Gallery’s curatorial mission: bold colors, wacky concepts, humor, and rudimentary style. Ellie Caudill, gallery manager at Elephant and co-curator of The Clown Show,hopes that no one perceives a desire for colorful, playful exhibitions as not being serious. “In fact we take [our exhibitions] very seriously. There is very much a need in our community for more accessibility and approachability. Nashville is still very segregated by both class and race. Art should be for and include everyone,” she says. 

"The Clown Show" at Elephant Gallery runs from October 19th - November 10th, 2018.

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