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Waxahachie's Daily Light posts about Ricky Bearghost's exhibit in Texas

Waxahachie, Texa's newspaper the Daily Light posted about Ricky Bearghost's exhibit at the Webb Gallery. Ricky makes his weavings at the Portland Art & Learning Studio. Read more about Ricky's show, here:

BBG post about PALS

A post by BBG about the Portland Art & Learning Studio has been shared over 300 times and viewed by over 2,000 people. Click here to read it:

BBG Architecture Life has an upstanding reputation in the architectural and construction industry. Our mission is simple: to bring you a carefully edited selection of the best architecture, design and interiors projects and news all in Canada.

Critical Viewing on Art & About PDX

Mathew Spencer's "Am I A Monster" exhibit made it into Art & About PDX's CRITICAL VIEWING for June 2019. Read more about it, here:

NW Noggin's visit to PALS

NW Noggin is an incredible organization that visited our studio recently. They wrote an incredible post about their experience at the Portland Art & Learning Studio, which you can read here:

Their post links out to articles, so you can learn more about the brain and how it functions. Thank you NW Noggin for visiting our studio and letting us learn about, draw, sculpt, and have a whole lot of fun with your brains!!! 

To see upcoming NW Noggin events, please visit their official website:

Portland Art Museum's podcast features PALS' artist Mathew Spencer

Listen to the latest episode of the Portland Art Museum's podcast featuring PALS' artist Mathew Spencer:

Mathew Spencer was interviewed by the Portland Art Museum's podcast about his career as an artist, what it's like to work out of the Portland Art & Learning Studio, and more. His exhibit "Am I A Monster" closes on June 20th, 2019 at our gallery inside the studio.