Caitlin Pruett


What do you call a cat that lives under water?

A catfish!

Caitlin Pruett’s original drawings and paintings are chock-full of witty creatures populating imaginative landscapes. Her works of art follow meticulous rules of numerical, alphabetical, and visual symmetry that are coded with meaning and humor. A catfish, whose body is more cat than fish, is often accompanied by a dogfish in a rectangular body of water. Submerged, tulips and trees grow from the bottom of lakes and streams. Indivisible from the content of her creations, Caitlin’s titles expose and define her careful creative compositional process; sometimes pointing to a visual punchline. Like a personal calendar, her art catalogues seasonal weather, upcoming holidays, sports games, and PALS outings. After years of committed studio practice at PALS, these annual cycles of creative growth can be seen as an archive of Caitlin’s artistic progression and evolution.