How to Enroll

Photograph by Alan Wieder

Portland Art and Learning Studios (PALS) serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who share an interest in exploring creativity in a community-driven environment. We require no previous arts experience, only a sincere desire to engage in and enjoy the art-making process. PALS is open to enrolled participants 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. We provide time for independent work on creative projects and artistic mentorship in drawing, painting, ceramics, fiber arts, creative writing, music, digital media and more. The PALS day-program is enriched by adventures to museums, galleries, artists’ studios, to local thrift stores, parks and libraries; creating opportunities for community connection and inclusion. Artists at PALS have the opportunity to build a body of work that is archived, promoted for sale, and exhibited in the PALS gallery and beyond. At PALS, authentic and uncensored self-expression is encouraged and celebrated.

Application Process

1. Contact your case manager, informing them of your interest in Portland Art & Learning Studios.

2. Your case manager contacts our Client Services Coordinator, to set up an initial studio and gallery tour. Plan to attend with either a caregiver, an ILS/SLS staff or your case manager.

3. After an initial tour, if you are interested in attending Portland Art and Learning Studios, inform your case manager who will assist you in scheduling a formal intake and assessment meeting at the PALS.

4. Upon acceptance, the first three months of enrollment are a trial period. This gives an opportunity to fully integrate into the program. Upon successful completion of a trial period, we will meet to talk about your experience and to establish your personal goals, as they relate to your work at PALS.

To set up a private tour please contact: