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Friends at Portland Art and Learning Studios // Andy Louie // Digital Drawing // 2020


 9-10 am Converse and Create

10-11 am Drawing Animals

11-12 pm Listen and Draw

12-1 pm Read Aloud

1-2 pm Craft


 9-10 am Collaborative Storytelling/Podcast 

10-11 am Mask Making

11-12 pm Town Hall/Movement

12-1 pm Sewing Circle

1-2 pm Still Life


 9-10 am Mythical Creature Creation

10-11 am Games!

11-12 pm Listen and Draw

12-1 pm Figure Drawing

1-2 pm Show Me Your Room


 9-10 am Weekly Art Share

10-11 am ASL Practice 

11-12 pm Town Hall

12-1 pm Studio Visits with Contemporary Artists

October 22 Studio Visit: Celia Lesh in NYC!

1-2 pm Movement


 9-10 am Movement

10-11 am Poetry/Creative Writing

11-12 pm Town Hall

12-1 pm Open Mic

1-2 pm Karaoke



A digital tablet drawing on a blue-green background that places four faces within four small boxes. The faces and boxes are outlined in white, with the facial features in black and red.
Patterns // Andy Louie // Digital Drawing // 2020